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eARTh Wallpaper - 2 Styles by dAKirby309 eARTh Wallpaper - 2 Styles by dAKirby309

Earth, as we all know, is a beautiful creation and a very special place that's not only rich in biodiversity but also excellent for learning about space and planetary observation and beyond. Even located in the safest reaches of the galaxy, far enough away to be safe from collision of other celestial bodies, larger/other planets that help stabilize the asteroid belt and prevent many asteroid collisions on the Earth. A Sun that just happens to produce and emit the rarest form of ultraviolet radiation in abundance which is VITAL for life which is also the perfect size and distance from the Earth to preserve life, the Earth just happens to have a tilt of precisely 23.4 at its axis and if it were even SLIGHTLY off, parts of the Earth would either be too hot or too cold. and EVEN A MOON that just happens to be the perfect size and perfect distance FROM the Earth in order to stabilize Earths rotation... all this and SO MUCH MORE!

Earth is truly a work of art all the way down to its core and we need to realize this...

And here is a wallpaper that depicts the amazing complexity of the Earth in a simplistic manner... hope you like it! :D

It comes in 2 styles:
Flat black AND gradient (preview above)
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September 9, 2012
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