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👤 Michael
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a proud Christian: I LOVE JESUS CHRIST!
I am also a firm believer in 6-Day Biblical Creationism.
:bulletblue: A naturalistic universe governed by chance and random processes would have no basis for consistent logic, science, nature, or purpose. But an orderly universe set up by an orderly, intelligent being who is not bound by physical laws or time would have consistent logic, science, nature, and purpose; which this physical universe does.
:bulletgreen: Using logic and reason to argue against the existence of the being (God) that imparted the laws of logic and reason is self-contradictory.
:bulletorange: Carbon dating is a highly inaccurate method based on many assumptions and worldview. Even Mount St. Helens rock that formed in the 1980 eruption is dated to be eons older.

Hobbies: Graphic design, drawing cartoons, and relaxing.
🎨 Favorite style of art: Computer Art - My favorite is flat design of all sorts!
🎵 Favorite genre of music: Anything that sounds good. But mainly Rock and EDM!
📺 Operating System: Windows 10 Home & Pro
🏠 Current Residence: Kansas City (USA)
🌐 Reddit Community Moderator of /r/Windows10

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Untitled by dAKirby309 (Click for full-size)

:bulletgreen: My new computer (laptop): Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV Signature Edition


:bulletred: My previous computer: HP Pavilion g6-2228nr


:bulletblue: To preface this review, I have to tell you the reason I decided to get a new computer even though my HP was still working perfectly fine after 3 years of daily, consistent use: I thought it was the best way for my parents and myself to save a ton of money! I gave my HP to my parents as an upgrade to their junky 10-year-old Toshiba laptop. It is very slow and very annoying to use. How does this save money? Well, giving a still fully-functional laptop away prevents my parents from needing to buy a new computer for quite a while considering they would use my HP less than I did and would use it for less intensive tasks making it potentially last much longer! It would help me save money as well because I would have to pitch in to help pay for a new computer for mom and dad if they didn't get my HP. So when my HP would stop working, not only would I help pay for a new computer for the parents, but also I would have to spend a ton of money on a new computer later. My parents helped me pay for this new Dell laptop, btw! I paid for about 3/5 of it.

:bulletyellow: The reason why I always get a laptop is simply because it's portable! I need it for school, so a capable laptop is all I need.

:bulletgreen: If I were to review this laptop in one word, it would be, "amazing". I upgraded to this laptop from an HP Pavilion g6-2228nr, which I had for almost 3 years. It was a decent budget laptop but I needed an upgrade, and not just any upgrade - I had specific features in mind, I didn't think I was going to find what I wanted with a $500 budget.... until I found this. This laptop had every single feature I wanted... and MORE.

:bulletpurple: The price I paid for this laptop is unbeatable given its specs and loads of features. I was able to save $300 on this computer! It's worth around $750 (+ tax) but I bought it for $450 (+ tax)! Not too bad. I'm very thankful for finding this thing, it is an amazing upgrade in just about every single way.


1. 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 1 TB HDD right out of the box - instant plus. I didn't need to spend any extra on a RAM upgrade! SSD's are nice, but a terabyte of storage is awesome regardless. Also a built-in DVD drive is a nice perk for some of us.

2. Touchscreen works flawlessly. It's very responsive and the 10-point multitouch makes it better. I don't think I've had a single time where the screen didn't recognize my input, even while playing some games that required a lot of frequent touches.

3. Backlit keyboard has 3 settings - dim, bright, and off; really handy for those late nights. A backlit keyboard was something I've been wanting in a computer for years! I'm so glad this computer comes with one!

4. IT'S QUIET! Honestly, I had to run 3 intensive tasks to get the fans to start making noise, and it wasn't even all that loud when you could hear it. An instant plus in comparison to my annoyingly loud previous HP laptop - that thing got very loud and very hot very quickly.

5. 1080p on a laptop? Another instant plus. The display is way better than the standard 1366x768 display, 1920x1080. With good internet, this computer can quickly, or instantly load 1080p 60FPS videos without a single hiccup or FPS drop! My old HP laptop would NEVER be able to handle this! ALSO, the screen's image quality is superb IMO. Nearly everything on screen looks crisp and vibrant.

6. It sure is fast, that i5 processor is really good for a laptop in this price range.

7. A gigabyte of graphic memory (and 128 MB of dedicated VRAM) is really good for us casual gamers who like to play the occasionally intensive game. This is DOUBLE the amount of video memory I had in the HP laptop (512MB)! So I am able to play more games, and the games I was able to play on the HP play just as well or better on this Dell Inspiron.

8. Built-in Bluetooth has quite good reception. I could easily go 20-30 feet without any connection issues (granted, it was a big room, but still). I received a bluetooth headset for my 20th birthday from a friend and had to get a bluetooth adapter for the HP. That adapter was not very receptive, this built-in Bluetooth is MUCH better!

9. Audio quality - good! It's not amazing quality but it's much better than my HP's speakers. I don't feel the need to use my Logitech speakers as much now!

10. The build quality is great! It feels solid and very premium! The keyboard is comfortable for me, but if you don't like shallow keys then it may not be your cup of tea.

11. Super easy setup! You power it on, set it up, and you are ready to go right away! I had no issues with it. Signature edition computers have no bloatware pre-installed so I didn't need to reformat the HDD or uninstall anything.


1. 5400 RPM isn't super great, but it's still good. But hey, higher RPM speeds are hard to find at this price. 5400 is as fast as my HP's HDD, which was a decent speed. So I'm not complaining!

2. About a half-inch black border around the whole screen (underscan is the proper term). Apparently this is a normal feature on touchscreen laptops to help side-swiping gestures... or something. So the screen might seem a tiny bit smaller than I'd like it to be, but it doesn't bother me very much at all.

3. Integrated graphics. But still, the graphics are really nice if you're not a hardcore gamer or video editor. I'm asking too much though, dedicated graphics are hard to find on a laptop in this price range.

4. Battery life is good, but not great. It seems like I can get about 4-5 hours of gaming, bluetooth music and/or web browsing out of this thing before needing to charge. 7 hours is a bit of an overstatement I think.

5. The laptop's port layout such as USB, headphone/mic jack, etc. are a bit weird I feel, but tolerable. Having a headphone/speaker jack where I usually put my mouse is a little bit obtrusive but 90 degree adapters can ail that issue. Plus I prefer 2 USB ports on the left side over the right, but having 2 on the right side is doable (again because of a mouse).

6. It's heavy, yes. But if you don't plan to carry this thing around all day long, then it shouldn't be much of a bother.

7. After a bit of time using this laptop and watching videos on it, I've noticed that the screen is very glossy which makes things on screen hard to see in the light (not too bad though). Also, darker colors are hard to make out, even on maximum brightness.

FINAL THOUGHTS: All in all, this laptop is a 9/10. It feels high quality, looks stylish, it's powerful, fast, and is loaded with tons of premium features. This is the one of the nicest laptops I've ever had the pleasure of using. :)

Journal History


Yay! I'm now an official moderator of the Windows 10 subreddit! :D
Amazes me that people don't believe in unicorns or dragons even though they were real creatures, it's plainly obvious. How?

Unicorns = animals with one horn (such as narwhals, species of rhino, and other one-horned animals living or extinct), unicorns are/were real.

Dragons = (sometimes exaggerated) description of dinosaurs before the word "dinosaur" was invented, dragons are/were real.

Denying their existence is ignorance.
Bought some 3D glasses, trying out playing Minecraft 3D anaglyph mode! It's super cool to play with but the colors are so dull that it's not as enjoyable as I hoped. :(
Would you want an option to hide tile labels in the Start menu for a cleaner look (image included)?
Today I learned that there's a new "save" (favorites) feature in Google Images to save images for future reference and such. Super useful! Why didn't they do this sooner? haha

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File Explorer concept I submitted to Windows 10 UserVoice:…
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seen the visual update for OneDrive site? Man thats horrible, the tiny text, the huge black bar that is useless and only takes space etc. One drive used to  llook so clean. Hope they will not touch or other web apps.
dAKirby309 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 24, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Oh thanks for letting me know, I haven't been on there in a while. Overall, the design looks nice. However, it's a bit ugly at the same time in places. I feel that the text is too small, but I like the new folder shape and design (plus they're live so it goes through pics and things you have in there which I like.. don't remember if the old design did that). The black bar has been there since the old design but it has changed some, I liked it better before.

All in all, I like the design IDEA, but the execution needs some work. I like it but I don't love it.
Orphydian Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Didnt notice the Tile animations.

Well 1 good change and 3 others not so good.

 The new blue ribbon applied to folder tiles has a shape (I might call that "step" shape) that isnt very compatible with the live tile animations that slide vertically. The simple straight ribbons felt more natural and coherent. Moreover its oversized now and doesnt leave the same space for the folder content to display.

the round checked "boxes" are again complately out of place. The corner check selections where the perfect place to put a check mark. I also noticed this round boxes have  astrange shade of blue that isnt typical for One drive theme. WTH? 

I wish the bar had some Comands in it like in so that it doesnt take space from the actual content area. I imagine with the new Edge browser that already has an oversized top nav this would be critical. And why is black I dont know.

Even so Ive could be not bothered so much  with all of these if it wouldnt be the new Text. I mean why? the navigation panel is the no. 1 place where you have to have visibility. This si totally contrasting with the modern design and the difference between large picture tiles in onedrive and this grainy text is grotesque.
dAKirby309 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Interface Designer
I like that blue ribbon shape, looks a little more like an actual folder (or one of those things that holds folders, I forget what they're called).

Round checkboxes = no. Square = yes please!
Orphydian Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
did you get the update to laters windows 10 build? I ddint. Its a VM ware issue?
dAKirby309 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Student Interface Designer
No I haven't used Windows 10 in a couple weeks.
Orphydian Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

here is my journal entry bro. I would gladly apreciate if you could post it to your group blog and to your personal journal as well even if you dont uphold it completely.
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